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The Reading Weekend
South Africa

Spend a weekend offline, away from your daily hustle. Relax, read books, and enjoy undisturbed me-time in nature. 

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Lotte | 29 | Freelance copywriter

"I loved The Reading Weekend: a peaceful escape from my busy life without having to worry about a thing. I had time to reflect and sit back, but there were options to socialize and be active whenever I felt like it. I'm a fan!"

Roel | 31 | Business Owner

“I had an amazing weekend filled with relaxation and inspiration. The absence of screens made my creativity go wild and I finally took the time to read a good book. The location was beautiful, the food incredible, and I left rested and full of new ideas!"

Joyce | 42 | Manager

"The Reading Weekend was an amazing mini-holiday for my mind and my heart to recharge, destress and unplug. I feel so fulfilled! It's the most beautiful present I have given myself in a very long time."

If only each day had more hours...

Your life is busy, work is hectic, and your spare time is jam-packed.

It feels like you hardly have time to yourself - time to truly relax. And when you do have time off, hundreds of messages are waiting for your response. What you really long for is to take a short break from your fast life and screens. 

But how? You don't have a private holiday mansion in the middle of nowhere, silence retreats aren't your thing, and surviving a day without phone seems impossible. 


Don't worry:

We got you

We know the struggle, felt unease with our rushed way of life, and so we looked for a solution.

The outcome?

The Reading Weekend:

A relaxing weekend in nature away from digital distractions to slow down, read books and spend time on things that actually matter to you. Some rare days free of worries and obligations that will let your creativity run freely and help you find the rest you've been longing for.


A weekend of alone time, surrounded by like-minded people, to reset and get back to your daily life re-energized, inspired and fulfilled.

Sounds like music to your ears? Nice. Here's your next steps. 


1. Check our brochure

Check out our brochure with all information about The Reading Weekend and be the first to know when sign-ups open.

2. A weekend offline

Join us in a beautiful villa in nature close to Cape Town. Read books and do whatever you want - whenever you want. No phones. No chores. No worries.

3. Back at it

Resume your life recharged with new ideas, energy and insights. You'll leave feeling fulfilled, rested and inspired, ready to take on what's next! 

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Download the brochure and sign up to receive exclusive updates

and to be the first to know when registration opens!

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